Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Altered Canvas Swap


I was missing again,wasn't I!Well that's the norm rather than an exception here.I like to be different.Lol.

Work has been keeping me busy,but that does not mean that I haven't been doing stuff.Apart from blowing away my money on craft supplies like there's no tomorrow,I participated in a couple of swaps and also made a few itty bitty things for other people.My problem is not with creating,but with taking decent pictures afterwards.I suck at taking pictures and it bugs me when I can't capture all the details of the project.
Anyhow,the first swap that I was involved in was an altered canvas swap at www.myscraproom.ning.com .My partner had requested me for a Halloween themed canvas and boy did that throw me in for a loop.Being from a non-Halloween celebrating country,I had nothing related to that.I did come up with something anyway.Here take a look

There is a lot of texture on this canvas which of course is not very visible in the picture.I used texture paste with a brick stencil and also bandage.If you look carefully at the bottom right corner,you can probably make that out.

The canvas was cut out in the middle and I inserted a box and made doors with corrugated cardboard.I was trying to make a haunted cabinet sort of thing.All the images on the canvas are from http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.in/.The candlestand  and the ghost have some heat embossing done on the them.I also have some bat images at the top left and a skeleton hand at the bottom right there.The inside of the box has a skull printout stuck to a wire and a spider,caterpillar and a creepy rat.I got those plastic creatures from a stationery shop here.Those are meant for children's school projects.I painted them black and just ran some gold paint over them.The background picture in the back is that of a graveyard.:-).The white thing that you see is my attempt at making a spiderweb.I used those bandages that you get at medical stores for dressing up wounds.I am not sure what you call them.

The rest is just stamping,stencilling etc.I am pretty satisfied with my attempt.Hope you like it too.



  1. That is cool !!! You realy done great and I looked over all the detailed texture WOW lot of work!!! I can imagine ho hard that was to make something like this in a not selebrating Helloween country ;) ... but you done well !!!!


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