Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I am thrilled with this one :-)

Hello people,

I want to share another project with you today which is my DT piece for Crafters corner blog for Aug. You can check the fabulous pieces from the other DTs here. This month we are all playing with Lindy's sprays and I could not be happier.

I know not everybody is a fan of mixed media but it sure does float my boat .I love playing with textures, so this project is just that. Tons of texture and my new Lindy's and some stamping with my favourite stamp.

Wheeeeeeeeeee! See those crackles. They make me so happy.:-).This is the first time that I have got half decent crackles on a project and I am thrilled to bits.

Okay, I need feedback. I know I like it but do you like it? Do you think folks who are not into crafting or mixed media would like it or is it too grungy for them? This feedback is very important because this is made for somebody specific in mind and she is not into the artsy craftsy field. I really do not want to add flowers to prettify it. Comments are welcome. Not sure if I am really going to change anything but would be interesting to hear your suggestions.;-)

This is the texture up-close. Yummy in my humble opinion.:-)

See you soon



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Do you like boxes?

I do.I don't know why but my favourite kind of work is altering wooden boxes and stuff and I have been doing just that for a while,of course apart from obsessing about embroidery

So here's another one,done in a feminine style.No idea if this qualifies as shabby chic.

Don't you love that paper!I didn't have to do much with it at all.Just some stencilling with modelling paste and a few flowers and lace and it was done.

Here are some details

Hope you like it.

Oh, I see that I have some new followers.Thank you for subscribing folks.Would love to hear some feedback from you.



Thursday, July 18, 2013

Here's one more


As promised, here's another one of those embroidery hoop projects. I hope you are not bored already with this. I tend to get stuck on things, don't I? At this very moment, I am working on two more for a baby girl's room .lol. You are sure to see those soon too.

Back to today's project.This one is not my original idea. The inspiration came from here. Her project is way prettier of course.

Don't have anything much to say about this. It's just three embroidery hoops attached to each other and embellished. Easy project, but looks pretty as a d├ęcor piece and is different from the usual layouts or frames. I covered the ugly handles of the hoops after taking the pictures. Just didn't want to take another set of photos. Laziness, you see.:-)

See you soon with a new project.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A different kind of layout


Happy Wednesday to you ! I want to share another embroidery hoop project that I did recently. This time instead of making it just a decorative piece, I turned it into a mini layout of sorts. It was so much fun .Here's what it looks like

No pinks this time.:-). A photo can be placed in the green space.

Nothing much to talk about here. I did some work on the chipboard and the hoop. Gesso, a touch of colour and some stamping there. In hindsight, I think I should have added more colour to the chipboard.

Here are some close-ups -

I was not a fan of foam flowers earlier but I have started loving them now. They look as good as paper flowers and so much sturdier.

Anyway, that's all I had to share today. Hope you like the project. I will be back with another embroidery hoop project in my next post.:-)


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another card


This is the second card I made for my DT post. This is my usual style of card. Flowers ,flourishes etc., but I did try something new here too. Pat on the back for that. :-)

So what is new, you ask (or maybe you don't)? See the panels on the left. That is new , new for me at least. I tried to create the look of old tarnished metal here.Does it look like that to you? I might be a teensy bit obsessed with metal! Again these are cell phone pics, so the tarnished/ aged part is not showing up well. but it does look like aged brass/gold.

I am also in love with the new embossing folder I got. Cheaper than some other folders and lovely.
Thanks for visiting. See you soon.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mixed media card

Hello people,

I wanted to share a card that I made for my DT post at Crafters Corner .I made two cards.This card was not very popular, but secretly I really like this one more. It's grungy and shiny and glittery and textured.All things I like.:-)

Here it is.( Pictures do not do it justice especially when your camera betrays you and you have to use your cell phone for pics)

Ignore the stamping.I need to redo it.Looks absolutely crap.Pardon my French.;-)

I did the exact same thing for a project that I had done for a local swap here and I really liked it, so due to paucity of time and general blah feeling, I replicated the same thing for the card.

This is aluminium foil board embossed and then covered with Gesso and then coloured with alcohol inks. I saw this technique on youtube where you cover the foil with Gesso and then use alcohol inks and then use archival ink on top. Looks very cool.I skipped the Archival ink part because the result was too dark for my taste. I chose to highlight the raised portions with a white paint pen. I then used some heat embossing to add more texture.

Here is a closer look at the texture.I lovee it.

Hope somebody likes this project.Lol


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Altered Tissue box


I thought I will take a break from all the aluminium foil obsession and show you something else. I ordered quite a few things from an online shop called Craftslane and have been busy altering them. Check out the store. Great stuff there.

I have to say that one my favourite type of work is altering things. Card and albums are nice but I have a super hard time doing precise measurements and my layers are almost always crooked on my first try.Annoying to say the least.

Anyway,I altered a small tissue box. I have used the DCWV botanicals collection and done some fussy cutting of the elements from the collection. Some handmade and some store bought flowers and I was done.

Here are some more pics of the sides with all the fussy cut elements.

That's about it.Hope you like it.Looking forward to your comments.

Happy Saturday


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Aluminium foil obsession continues

Hello people,

I told you yesterday, that I am a bit obsessed with aluminium foil ? I did two more projects with it after I was done with the box. Today's project is a shadowbox frame. I used a foil board here instead of just aluminium foil. Much easier to manage and not quite as finicky as foil.

I cut out strips of the foil board for the sides and embossed it. Just cover the strips with paint of your choice. Leave it for a few seconds and then wipe it off. Easy peasy.

Totally loving this embossing folder. What a cool design.

I also used my favourite washi tape for the border. Guess why? I never ever can cut things straight. Washi tape helps me hide all the mess that I make with my measuring and cutting. Hee hee.

Sorry about the not so clear pics. These were taken in a hurry and it was really gloomy and dark here.

Hope you like this project. See you soon with the last project with foil tomorrow. That is probably my favourite project till date.:-)


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

and I am back!

Did you even notice that I was missing? No, don't answer that. Let me pretend that everybody was wondering where I was and thereby keep my pride intact.

I have been busy beyond belief for the last few weeks and gave the social networks a miss, so I apologize to people I follow. I did not post any comments or visited your blogs, but I will be regular again.Promise!

Anyhoo, I just wanted to tell you about my latest obsession which is working with aluminium foil. I was really smitten with the various techniques people had shared on their blogs and youtube and I finally tried them for myself. The first one is this box I upcycled. This was the packaging for a watch or a cell phone, I don't recall which.

The pictures make it look all crumply and grungy but its better looking in real. I have created a ton of texture here by using some stuff under the foil and going over it with my stylus and also by scratching designs on the foil itself.

I am planning to submit this to Tone Lill's challenge at Yvonne's blog, so I used an old cross stitching mat for the texture. See the corners? Those are the mat pieces.

Here are the sides. I embossed the side panels with an embossing folder and also used washi tape for the border.

Submitting it for Tone Lill's Challenge. My upcycled items are the box itself and the cross stitch mats on the top.Not sure if that counts as upcycling or not.:-)

Thanks for visiting and will be seeing you real soon.Tons of projects to share!

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