Saturday, September 25, 2010

A is for being an Adult

When I was a kid, my favourite entertainment was playing house.I remember going to my grandparents' place every summer and getting together with all my cousins, all girls of course.There were 6 girls and just one unfortunate boy (my brother) and we would always play house.I always wanted to play the self sacrificing mother or the incredibly responsible eldest sister.If I played the eldest sister,I of course conveniently got rid of the parents in the story,because I was to be the caretaker and the presence of a pesky parent would take away my glory.

I would imagine myself  with qualities reminiscent of Florence Nightingale combined with Mother Teresa.An angel of goodness for all practical purposes.;-)

I would be the one to get up the first thing in the morning,make healthy breakfast (imaginary of course) for my irresponsible but lovable children/siblings,get them dressed,send them to school with lots of kisses and hugs, get ready to go to work (I was always a working woman in these stories, wonder why?) . I would sit on my grandma's never used exercycle and pretend to ride to work.I would pass on nuggets of wisdom to my children as and when I felt they needed them.Be patient and judicious when they were being naughty.I would always make some sibling sick in the story so that I,all loving, giving , nurturuing sister could bring back that person back from the jaws of death.;-).The story never ended amicably though.After a while my cousins would be onto me and would demand to change roles which was very annoying, to say the least.

Why am I writing this? No reason really.I just realized that all through my childhood I just could not wait to be an Adult and now that I am there, it's not so much fun.I don't like the fact that people my age or older think that because I have reached a certain age,I would automatically be mature and sensible.

I resent that people my age think that I am really interested in talking about pension plans and saving strategies and discussing my career moves.I don't like the fact that people tell me to 'GROW UP ' when I am throwing a tantrum with my husband and really would like to lie down on the floor and hold my breath till I turn blue.Instead because I am an Adult ,I have to resort to 'Silent Treatment' which is equally effective but no fun.

Believe me I don't mind being an adult, gives me a lot of privileges,being an adult does,but I don't really dig the "Responsible" part of it.;-)

So what about you,do you like playing an adult?

This totally random and disjointed entry was for Jenny Matlock's Alphabet Thursday Party.The letter this time was A so A for Adult is my entry.:-)

Jenny Matlock



  1. Cute post! Playing adult is so much more fun when you're a kid, isn't it? That's so funny!

  2. :) I'll join you on the lying on the floor and holding my breath part. The silent treatment doesn't work so well for hubby...he's wayyyyyy more mature than I am, and has the most annoying capacity to ignore the silent treatment. Now a good tantrum?---always gets him!!(or maybe its me---i dn't have the patience to play out the silent treatment long enough!)

    read you mail, I'm sending you a very funny extension to my post yesterday!


  3. @ GB :heh heh.I agree!The silent treatment is very tiring and by virtue of being a psychological warfare method, has to be continued for a specified time and that is exhausting.Tantrums on the other hand, fast and quick.:-)

  4. I may be an adult chronologically but I have no desire to grow up. I feraed that turning 40 7 years ago would change that but thankfully no, hence still learning my alphabet

  5. @Tracy : Ditto.Have you seen that movie ,The curious case of Benjamin Button.I think we are well suited for that role.;-)

  6. Oh Sumi.. you write very well!!! I've totally given up on silent treatment.. I've now figured.. if Im silent.. I'll just be left that way.. and that doesnt really solve the problem.. Hubby on the other hand.. can just play dumb to any of my nonsense.. which makes it very tuff and demanding on me.. *wink* When I want to fight.. I want to fight.. His calm, cool, super human attitude.. just doesnt look it.. Annoying as it may seem!!

  7. Thanks Patty.I definitely see a trend here.All the husbands seem to be calm collected and mature and the wives are plain

  8. Your memory always sounds so similar to when my sister and our cousins would get together! I must say, I love being an adult--couldn't pay me enough to go back to being a kid!

  9. haha!!! I have had the thought, when seeing a little one, of what would it be like to just sprawl out and fuss in the middle of a store or wherever! Goodness...can you imagine! haha

    I loved that you were always the one to make everything be provided and taken care of, when you played house. Too cute! I know that I LOVED begin a stay at home mom! I am thankful that I am now a dental hygienist in the working world...I waited until ours were in high school to go to school! But I do miss being at home...and find that I do think of retirement time sometimes (that is pretty bad, since I only have been out in the "outside the home" work force for a little over a year!)

    So I have said, once we get grandbabies, I want to be teh "stay at home" grandma and help take care of them :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  10. I don't like being an adult part with so much responsibilities and worries..So let's just pretend we're still playing house :-)

  11. Sumi, what a wonderful post.

    This is my last read for the week and it is certainly one of my favorites.

    I like your description of a childs perception of adulthood. We have one Grand so anxious to grow up and I am forever telling her, you get to be a kid for a little while and then a grown up for the rest of your life.

    I'm with Mumsy. Let's just pretend that we're grown up at all!

    Thanks for this thought-provoking link to Alphabe-Thursday.

    Absolutely one of my favorite posts this week!


  12. :-).Wowie Jenny.A+.Yippee doodlee doo.

    I mean...err thank you Miss Jenny for your kind comments.I am honoured/honored.

  13. I think we all rush it, and I think all of our parents told us not to, I know mine did, and I told mine not to, but unfortunately for the most part, the 2 youngest took it too literally and at 23 and 24, act more like 15 and 16, a large amount of the time, and 19 and 20 the rest of the time. My oldest, who is 28, most times acts 48, and nasty, crazy, bizarre and know it all...she is not talking to anyone, sometimes, when she does reach out to me, she'll act 28 and other times it is more like 8.

    MY best years were my junior and senior year in High School. the age of 21-23, then again 24-30 and 35-40...and though some great things happened around forty and after, basically it has sucked ever since.

    I would love to be 30 again (I am 50 now, disabled, dealing with pain, and a grumpy(older) husband and an angry son who refuses to grow up) I guess i really don't like being an adult too much.

    good post--very thought provoking.


    ps...sorry 2 B so late

  14. Hi Susan.Thanks for visiting.Your account about your children was funny.I am sure you get some entertainment out of it.

    Really sorry to hear about your disability but happy to know that you have taken it in your stride and living your life the way you want to.

    Thanks again for your kind comment.

  15. ROFL post for me. you are too good in writing yar


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