Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday explosion box : Photo Heavy


My husband had his birthday in July and I had made an explosion box for him as a surprise additional gift.Never got around to taking pictures till now.This was my first ever attempt at such a thing.Yeah,one of many firsts.:-)

I had started out with the idea of making a sophisticated, adult version of the box but you will see that it's nowhere close to it.It ended being a mish mash of everything.This is how it looks from the outside.Plain and simple.

This is how it looks when opened.

The center has a paper cake.:-).Not an original idea,I know.:-)

All the four flaps have a two page booklet and a pocket.I tried to include things that he liked, so each of the booklets have a pic he has taken of some birds on his nature photography tips.Now please don't ask me why I have pinks mixed with red.Remember, shortage of supplies drives me to do crazy things.:-)
You can stop here if you like.Go further at your own risk, unless you want to be overwhelmed with too many photos.

Pocket one has a tiny birthday card which in my opinion was messed up.I was trying embossing with a hairdryer and glitter etc.It's kind of grungy but passable I think.

The second pocket has a poem that I really liked and printed out and posted on decorated cardstock which was made to look like a scroll of sorts.

The third pocket has some coupons I made for him.I am very proud of that.I am technically challenged, so using MS word to make these was a new thing for me.They are all bent out of shape because the booklet is a bit too long.

Last pocket!Phew!For this I made a booklet with pockets and each pocket has some fun facts about birds.I couldn't help it.Birds are his passion.:-)

All flaps have a mini album of sorts with bird photos like I said.

Okay folks,that's it.You might wonder why I have put so many pictures here.Well,because this is my blog and I can.;-)

Kidding! It's because when I was making this, I was searching high and low for inspiration and though many many people have made beautiful things, there were often very few pictures.I am hoping this provides some ideas for souls like me who are not overly creative and might need some help.:-)



  1. Pretty awesome. I love every bit of it.


  2. A lot of great details! Very nice

  3. What a beautiful project Sumi!! And seeing this I can't help but think you are totally capable of making some very intricate and beautiful layouts! Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left at my blog....being a new scrapper doesn't mean you have have to go plain and simple, you can jump right in and start playing with fun techniques! :) your blog! xo

  4. Just discovered your blog and still reading on it. I'm another woman of 30 and something who never stopped daydreaming! So nice to see I'm not the only one! ;-)
    I've added your url to my projects' fav !

    Hugs and smiles,


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