Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm a little teapot,short and stout.Here is my handle and here is my spout.

I have a project.New! New! New! :-)

I cannot claim it to be my idea.I saw it in a home decor magazine and have been itching to try it out but I had run out of spray paint.Weekend was utilized in repleneshing my stock and hence the project.

Remember this ?

Okay ,so I did mention that I was a little iffy about this teapot and wanted to experiment a little bit.I wanted a white porcelain-ey look for it.So I spray painted the heck out of it.I used a fast drying glossy white enamel spray paint.

Then,I did this

Okay,please don't click on the pic.This is one of those things which look okay if you look at it from a distance, because... because distances make the heart grow fonder??? Giggles.

The real reason is that the whole writing is very childish looking and I intend to redo this, but I liked the idea so much, I couldn't wait to put it out on the blo.So now since that is cleared up, I will proceed  with details of what I did,

I just picked up some text (Hubby's contribution here,he picked it up from his fav book) ,freehanded it on the pot with a dark pencil and then just used black acrylic paint to write over it with a fine brush.Results not so awesome if you look up close.I don't have the best of handwritings,BUT,I am going to work some more on the "technique".I am thinking on the lines of printing out the text,tracing it onto the pot and then using paint over it.

Anyway,I kind of like it when I look at it from a distance and understandably cringe when I get up close.What's your view? Honest opinions please.

By the way how do you like the metal bird.It's a new purchase and I totally dig it.:-)

Idea shared at

Life in the Pitts

Craft Schooling Sunday at Creativejewishmom




  1. way cute, Sumi!! thanks for sharing! ^_^

  2. Thanks Tosha! Long time no see.:-)

  3. It looks really good - quite a transformation! I think you're not giving yourself enough credit as the handwriting is nicely done.

  4. Very cute! The teapot looks soo much better...I love the handwriting!! Great idea!

  5. I actually like that the writing is not perfect! It makes it look personal...and maybe older too.

  6. This is really cute! And I didn't click on it, just because you asked me not to. I bet it still looks cute up close though :)

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy Session at Life in the Pitts

  7. Awww, I think it's just so sweet!!! And the bird - love it!!

  8. Thanks all.Your comments mean a lot.Hope you visit again.

  9. I like the writing the way it is! It adds to the charm of the pot, making it a personal statement! And the bird is too cute!

  10. Don't redo it! I love the whimsical nature of the writing -- it's from the heart and just 'imperfect' enough to have character, rather than something you could pick up off a store shelf. I think it's great and wouldn't change a thing!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing Sumi,
    you did a great job! Painting handwriting is really difficult, next time use a paint pen or something and you may be happier with the results, though I like the handpainted imperfect look too!

  12. Found you on Creative Jewish Mom. Please don't change the handwriting. That's what makes it totally yours!!

  13. Thanks Malkah!I will follow everybody's advice and not change it.I am actually too lazy to change it anyway.;-)

  14. OK now I am just plain old mad at myself...where the heck have I been? Is your blog coming up on my roll? I bet it is not, I have to go check....I know I cut back on blogging, but I have missed a lifetime over here. I am so proud of you for all that you have been doing. What an adorable tea pot...and I did not click on to make larger...i was tempted but I did not want to ruin a good thing:)


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