Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tshirt Refashion


I have been doing absolutely NOTHING for the past two weeks.Just going for work,waiting for the day to get over ,counting days till the much needed weekend..taking one day at a time..Sigh..Consequently no new craft attempts lately.Shame! But ! I do have something to show.I did it a couple of weeks back as a random urge to do something hit me.

I have been seeing so many people doing so many awesome things to refashion their clothes,so I decided to join the bandwagon.I am in love with the different fabric flowers that such a huge part of the craftworld is interested in and decided to make some of my own.I had to think of some gifts for my friend who was leaving town forever, so I thought I will do some t-shirt refashion for her.Here is what I came up with.

That's my mom holding the tshirt for me .Sweet.:-)

This is nothing but simple rolled fabric flowers made out of some scrap fabric that I had lying around.There are thousands of tutorials on this so I don't think I need to explain how it is done.Ignore the threads hanging about on the shirt.I promise I did clean it up and ironed it before gifting it.

Here's a closeup

I also made another one.I fell in love with the bright vibrant fresh green of the shirt and had to buy it.Nobody else in my family understood my excitement over the colour, mind you.Well not that I care !!

To add some extra pizzazz to this shirt I used wooden beads that were attached to an old shirt of my niece and look how nice it looks!!! At least I thought it was pretty.

Note that I did not hide the logo on the tshirt.Small oversight but I hope my friend didn't mind too much.Heh heh.I stiched or rather my mon stitched the beads on to the shirt but people who can't sew can use a fabric glue too I think.

I love it.Simple and easy.Hope some of you do too.

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