Saturday, September 25, 2010

A is for being an Adult

When I was a kid, my favourite entertainment was playing house.I remember going to my grandparents' place every summer and getting together with all my cousins, all girls of course.There were 6 girls and just one unfortunate boy (my brother) and we would always play house.I always wanted to play the self sacrificing mother or the incredibly responsible eldest sister.If I played the eldest sister,I of course conveniently got rid of the parents in the story,because I was to be the caretaker and the presence of a pesky parent would take away my glory.

I would imagine myself  with qualities reminiscent of Florence Nightingale combined with Mother Teresa.An angel of goodness for all practical purposes.;-)

I would be the one to get up the first thing in the morning,make healthy breakfast (imaginary of course) for my irresponsible but lovable children/siblings,get them dressed,send them to school with lots of kisses and hugs, get ready to go to work (I was always a working woman in these stories, wonder why?) . I would sit on my grandma's never used exercycle and pretend to ride to work.I would pass on nuggets of wisdom to my children as and when I felt they needed them.Be patient and judicious when they were being naughty.I would always make some sibling sick in the story so that I,all loving, giving , nurturuing sister could bring back that person back from the jaws of death.;-).The story never ended amicably though.After a while my cousins would be onto me and would demand to change roles which was very annoying, to say the least.

Why am I writing this? No reason really.I just realized that all through my childhood I just could not wait to be an Adult and now that I am there, it's not so much fun.I don't like the fact that people my age or older think that because I have reached a certain age,I would automatically be mature and sensible.

I resent that people my age think that I am really interested in talking about pension plans and saving strategies and discussing my career moves.I don't like the fact that people tell me to 'GROW UP ' when I am throwing a tantrum with my husband and really would like to lie down on the floor and hold my breath till I turn blue.Instead because I am an Adult ,I have to resort to 'Silent Treatment' which is equally effective but no fun.

Believe me I don't mind being an adult, gives me a lot of privileges,being an adult does,but I don't really dig the "Responsible" part of it.;-)

So what about you,do you like playing an adult?

This totally random and disjointed entry was for Jenny Matlock's Alphabet Thursday Party.The letter this time was A so A for Adult is my entry.:-)

Jenny Matlock


Monday, September 13, 2010


art work by Mary Ann Boysen via

I have wanted to have a house of my own since I was a little girl.My dream had always been to live in a bungalow/cottage with a cute little garden and a shingled roof.My imagination did not go any further on this and I was not really picky, but having lived more than half my life in spacious houses (all courtesy of the Indian Army), I was totally unprepared for Apartment Living.

Not having a 'chatt'(terrace) where my family could sit during summers and have long long chats under the moonlight is heartbreaking.Not having a garden where I could potter around during weekends (not that I really would have) is disappointing.I wanted a tree in my garden with a swing for my non existent kids.I wanted my dogs (again,non existent) to have free rein over my backyard.I want to have the opportunity to sit in my verandah and curse my dogs when they become extra playful and dig up my garden which of course, would be verdant and a little wild.I want picket fences and a wooden gate.

I know that it's not impossible to have it, just not at this time, when I want all this the most.I know that I shouldn't whine and be thankful for what I have got, but indulging in self pity is good once in a while, isn't it?

What about you? Do you like where you live?Are you living my dream? and if you are, then I want you to get up now and go hug the tree in your backyard and roll in the grass.


Melodramatic Sumi

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Project # 2 : Decoupaged Coasters

Hey there,

Here I am again.Project # 2 is also Mod-Podge so I am not really following the true spirit of '52 projects', but as long as I am making something, I am happy and satisfied.

This time I decided to do a mini makeover of sorts on some plain boring coasters I had.It was plain wood and cork and I think they sorely needed a makeover.Here's how those looked :

Friday, September 10, 2010

Project #1 - Mod Podged Tray

This does not really qualify as my first project since I made it before I decided to do my "20 projects", but what the heck.I make the rules around here and my rule says, anything counts.;-)

Okay, so I had this ugly looking tray which I am not sure why I ever bought.I mean it's not very ugly but I hate the plywood/laminate thingy on it and wanted to change it.Let's take a look at the 'project victim' first, shall we?

Yes, I didn't clean it up before taking a pic.Why bother! is also my current philosophy in matters which require unnecessary effort.

The first step was to spray paint the heck out of it.I had only white paint handy, so that's what I used.This is after one coat.I think it's already looking better.

While that was drying, I googled "Moroccan tiles" on google images.Saved a copyright free image and used a photo editing software to replicate the image on a single sheet of matte photo paper.I was originally planning to create a tiled, mosaic-ey sort of design but I suck at photo editing and husband was not in a mood to oblige.It was way past midnight folks, so I forgave him and went with whatever I could handle myself.

After that it was just cutting the image and Mod-Podging the paper on to the tray and sealing it with varnish (which I have still not done).I did have trouble arranging the '"tiles" so if you pay attention you will see that some areas do not align with each other and are a bit different, but the image is so busy I reckon it does not really make a difference.

So here it is,the project output.How do you like it?I don't love love it but I think it is better than what it was earlier.(Expert comment from kid brother : Wrong choice of paper.aargh)

So finally here's a before after shot :

Thoughts, comments? Good or bad, both welcome.


52 Projects

Have you heard of 52 projects?Originally a book by Jeffrey Yamaguchi, it is a brilliant idea to push ordinary people like you and me to explore our creative sides.The idea is to create 52 projects (or more) in a year.This could be any medium,any area.All you need is enthusiasm, imagination and a keen interest in unleashing your creative genius.See more here

So, I have been very inspired and have decided that I will attempt to do something like this here too.Well it is not exactly going to be '52' projects but maybe 20 projects and that too, I must tell you, is overreaching for somebody like me.I have a crazy busy work life right now, but I will try.I am going to merge my recently acquired 'start small' philosophy with this idea and make some stuff and I do not plan to stick to just one thing.The whole purpose is to learn something new, so maybe one day I might just bake a cupcake and call it done.No, I don't know how to make cupcakes.Surprised?

Anyway, I am pretty excited and hope that I do not lose interest in this like I do with other resolutions.Wish me lucky luck and if you do actually read this, tell me what I should call this project.20 projects is just so blah!

Creative Genius in the making ;-)
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