Monday, July 30, 2012

Butterflies again!

Hey there,

I seem to be obsessed with butterflies lately.I had bought some tiny cute little canvases a long time back and was itching to use them for something.Right now I do not have the confidence to create full fledged artwork, but these tiny canvases were not very overwhelming.

I had bought a pack of little plastic butterflies from the toy's section of a bookstore and I decided that it was high time that I used them.These were all in different colours,so the first thing I did was to paint them in the colours I wanted and added a lot of glitter.Glitter makes everything pretty,don't you think?

My picture taking skills are pathetic to say the least,so you won't be able to see the shimmer on the canvases.I used pearl acrylic paints for all of them and they look pretty in real life.After that it was just mixing colours,stamping and embellishing with whatever I had at hand (my arty crafty stash is really really small right now)..I do not like the flower stickers I have put in one of the canvases,so I think I will remove those and I do regret adding the blue paint in one of them.I don't know what I was thinking.As you can see,I do not like all of these so much, but I do have one which is my favourite.Can you guess which one?Sorry for the blurry photos.It's really cloudy and dark here.



Take a Word Challenge - Butterflies


I have been obsessed with arty stuff lately, especially with mixed media and art journaling.I am not good at sketching or painting, but mixed media seems to be very forgiving and whoever thought of art journaling is a genius in my book.I love playing in my little diary.I have a long way to go before I learn all the tips and techniques, but I figured that the best thing to do is to participate in some challenges and force myself to create.

Here's my first ever entry for a challenge that I am planning to participate in.This is for the 'Take a word challenge'.The theme is butterflies.I suck at the lettering stuff and I don't have the best pen to journal with,but I am okay with the rest of the stuff on this page.

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