Sunday, March 28, 2010

First attempt at Jewellery : Cheap and Easy

Hiya there,

Yes, I have been incommunicado again as usual but as I said ,with a full time job I don't really get a lot of time to spend here.Anyhow,though I have been not very active here ,I have not been idle.No sir .. or madam.

One of my good friends and colleague relocated to another city and I was busy making things for her as farewell gifts.Yes,I MADE gifts for her.Did not pick up something off the rack from a store and I am mighty proud of that.Pat on the back.:-)

First off was this necklace that I made out of saftey pins.Yes,you heard right!It was made of safety pins and tiny beads.Of course ,the idea is not original at all.It was stolen borrowed from here.Kelsi is a genius in my books.Such a brilliant idea and so easy to make.Totally loved it.Go visit the link and see the tutorial.

I will attempt to explain how it is made here for my friends who are too lazy to go blog hopping.

Basically,you need to have a chain,preferably a thin one.You will know why in a minute .
Safety Pins : Preferably all of the same size but you can experiment and used different sizes
Beads: Should be small enough to fit into the safety pin
Clasps and Jump rings: My chain already had those.I just used a plier to open the ring from one side and slid the safety pins

Step 1 : Open the safety pin and slide the beads onto the pin.The number of beads would depend on the length of the pin.Just make sure that you can close the pin after sliding all the beads.

This is what it looks like.

Slide the rounded end of the saftey pins into the chain and you are done.Easy!My friend loved it and wore it almost immediately and it does look great.Not tacky at all.See for yourself

If you visit the tutotial link,you will see that I followed the instructions to the T.I was in a hurry and did not have much time to experiment but I think adding different beads and some more interesting elements would add some more pizzaz for sure.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cute as a button!

Did I tell you that I love visiting the kids' section in bookstores.Yes I do and I love looking at the cute craft products there.While browsing through stuff yesterday,I came across something that I loved too much.I don't care if it's meant for kids.It was too cute to be ADULT about it.Notice how bad my vocab is !!Cannot think of any synonyms for cute!

Note to self : Buy a Thesaurus.;-)

Anyhow,So this is what it is

The box had some plastic frames ,preprinted mini canvases,cardboard backing for the frame and of course paint and a tiny paintbrush.They also provide small magnetic strips  for you to be able to convert these into fridge magnets.You can also hang it ,or use it just as a mini photo frame.

So here's what I did.Isn't it adorable???

Does this qualify as DIY if one has cheated????? I am too lazy to figure out how I could have done it without buying the product,but I think if you are clever enough ,you can figure out how to do this all on your own .I am thinking of making somtehing with quilling paper and attaching it to the frame.Let's see how that works out.For now this is going to my Fridge magnet collection.

P.S: Synonyms for "Cute",courtesy

Beautiful,Charming,Adorable,Delightful,Pleasant,Pretty,Dainty.Ambrosial,Captivating,Fetching,Delectable.I hereby proclaim that the above pic is all of these things.Hee Hee

Cheers !

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blingin' it up!

Hiya There ,

Phew! I have been missing for a long time ,haven't I!! Not that the two people who actually read my blog are going to miss me much.:-).I really don't have a legit excuse.It's just plain ol boring day job and the stress associated therewith.By the time I get home,I am plain exhausted.BUT,to give myself credit ,I do make it a point of visiting other people's blogs to lap up all the crafty goodness... so much so that I spend more time looking at other people's projects than doing something of my own.

Anyhow,this weekend I finally motivated myself to do SOMETHING.Some days back Amy at Mod Podge Rocks featured a project by Selliz.She makes altered compact mirrors and all of them are mighty cute.Go check out Selliz's site here and you will find true inspiration.

I wanted to try making one immediately.Mine is nowhere close to hers in the detailing and gorgeousness but I still like mine too..:-)

I started out with an old battered compact mirror for the experiment.

A little bit of Mod Podge and a collection of my blingy stash and here it what looks like now..Pretty isn't it?

Sorry for the bad picture quality.This was late at night so no proper light.
I am still in two minds about  covering the whole lid up because of the visible scratches on the surface but for now this will do.


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