Thursday, October 4, 2012

My first mini album : Photo heavy and too much talking going on

Today I wanted to post some pictures of my first ever mini album.This is made for a friend's little girl.I am not too happy with it.I see the pictures and cringe a little bit when I see how some of the pages are so amateurish. I promised myself though,that I will document everything I make here on this blog (good or bad),so here it is.In my defense,all my tools decided to abandon me.My glue ran out,double sided tape was not to be found anywhere,the paper trimmer blade started acting up and by the time I was done,I was pretty fed up with it all.:-).I haven't lost hope though.This was a practice run.My next attempt is to make one for a baby boy and I will user better quality papers and take better pictures too.All these were taken in a hurry as usual.

So, a few details about the album.It's made of envelopes and the cover is a recycled cardboard.The papers are a mix of whatever I had.I don't really know which paper stack it was honestly.Its all pink and green because...those were the only papers I had with me.:-)

This is the cover of the album.I fixed the pleated lace at the top.It was too short and I should have also removed the butterfly.It was not looking right to me, but I forgot to do that!Needless to say,I am not too happy with the cover.It's definitely better than how it looks here,but then I always say that,don't I?:-)

Each spread has a pocket on one side and holds a photo mat.The page itself is a pocket so there are photo mats within each pocket too.I hope I am making sense.You see the cutesy flowers on each page.Those are photo mats within the envelope pockets which can be pulled out.

The first page.This gatefold thingy opens up and has a photo mat inside.

Page 2 spread: Pocket on one side with a photo mat and another pocket with a double photo mat booklet/insert.

Page 3 spread :Another photo mat with a mini doily to hold the photo.The other side is just the regular pocket just like it is on all spreads.

Page 4 spread: Just a mini insertion.This can hold 6 small sized photos.I think this is called the waterfall flip book.

Another pocket with photo mat on the other side.

Page 5 spread : Photo mat pocket and a mini book of sorts,The frame was actually a fridge magnet.I just painted it and added some bling.A tiny photo can be inserted inside.The book opens up and there's place for three photos.This is my fav page, even though I know that the pages don't go very well with the background page.I was trying out something on this paper and it was a royal fail.I did not want to waste it, so I used it on the only blank album page I had left.:-)


Page 6 spread : One side has a waterfall card.Basically you pull at the tag at the bottom and the photos flip.Its cool.Can't show it in action,because I had already stuck some photos of the baby in there .The waterfall card is just the front of a card which can open up and hold two more pictures.

Page 7 : By this time I was tired and irritated,so this just has some flower stickers which can act as photo corners.:-)

Now onto the credits.I followed various tutorials on youtube for some of the pages and the album itself.You can check them out if interested,

Long envelope mini scrapbook album : Followthepapertrail
Waterfall flip book :Kathryn Krieger
Sweet as sugar image from free vintage digital stamps

Comments,good or bad are welcome.:-)


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  1. OMG..OMG..its pretty sweet. I like it.



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