Monday, October 8, 2012

My very first scrapbook layout - Yay!

Hello (empty blog room/place),

I have been thinking of trying my hand at scrapbooking for a long while.Here in our family,we are not very active at documenting life's moments.My husband is an avid photographer,but he is more interested in birds (I do mean actual flying birds,heh heh) and nature.Yeah,we have tons of trees and hundreds of bird photos in various settings and probably a total of five of us together.I know you can understand my non interest in scrapbooking now.:-)

Anyhow,I stole a bunch of photos from my mom's album and have been meaning to put them in a layout.I have to admit that I kept looking at them for months and could not think of anything.These are sepia or black and white and aged photos and I could not figure out which colours to use and what to do with them.I finally kicked myself into actions this weekend and decided that I have to stop being afraid of making mistakes and finally did it.This is created on a 10 by 12 canvas and I think i am happy with what I have done.Atleast my mom is and that's good enough.

So here it is.Ta da!

This is a photograph of my younger brother's first birthday.I can't understand why I am incapable of taking better pics,where my work looks exactly like it looks in real life!Frustrating.

Anyway,the polka dot paper is actually edged with antique linen and also misted with gold perfect pearls.All the other things are new purchases and things I have been hoarding for a while.The canvas is black,white and gold,Hope you can make that out.

Some closeups?

Hope you like it.


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