Friday, January 2, 2015

A little late but a happy happy new year!


How is everybody! I have taken a conscious break from blog world and interwebs in general since the past few months. I badly needed to get some balance in my life and to spend some time thinking about my aims, goals,aspirations and also spend some time with family and friends.This time away has been a blessing and kind of cool. I thought I will miss it but I didn't.The only thing I miss is visiting your blogs and revelling in your creativity

.I have not yet decided when I will be back to my regular schedule,but I did not want to miss this opportunity to thank all my followers and friends who took the time out and encouraged and challenged me in my creative endeavours. So here's a BIG THANK YOU AND A WET SLOPPY VIRTUAL KISS (on the cheek ,lol) to all of you who visit me. I love you all!I will visit you soon.

Happy new year. Hope you dream big this year and hope all your dreams come true.

Till then,


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