Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tea Light holder Cards


How are you all doing? Crafting much? The state of affairs on this end is sad. I talked about holiday hangover in my last post. Sadly, I am still not over it and kind of lost about what I want to do next. I have been catching up on your blogs and that's about all that I have done for the past week. While looking at Pamellia's latest post about her gift for her mom, I suddenly realized that I do have one forgotten project that I never posted. Her's is gorgeous! Do check it out.

I made some tea light holder cards for Diwali gifts before my vacation and never bothered to post.Now that I have nothing worthwhile to share, I have decided to share those here, even though they are not my best work and maybe make me cringe a little. These are super simple and in some cases boring too.:-).My excuse is that I was in a hurry and I am sticking to it.:-)

Here are some of them which were a bit passable.Others I refuse to share.:-).I made use of scrap papers,stickers and some stamping and heat embossing.

Here is how the inside looks for one of the cards

I had not added a tag or a pocket when I took the pictures.Ideally you need to have something on the left side to write your greeting /message.

Okay that's it.I hope I wake up from my slumber and do something creative today.Wish me luck.:-)


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