Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Sketch-capades


It's Sunday ! The weather here is dark ,but not so dreary. A slight chill in the air and I am having fun wearing warm socks and enjoying a movie marathon curled up on my couch.

I know I missed the last two Sunday sketch-capades. Life was busy! It still is, but I did do some quick sketches. These were really really fast without placing any stress on getting to be too realistic..

Since its been raining EVERYDAY and heavily, I obviously had umbrellas and rain boots on my mind.

This one is still in progress

While reluctantly doing some general housekeeping, realized that I had a lot of animal and bird artefacts scattered around my house , so I decided to try sketching some of those.

I love this rooster.

 and isn't this hedgehog the cutest!:-)

Okay, I think I have made up for the last couple of weeks. Yay me! Time to go back to the couch.

Have a happy ,cheery Sunday.


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  1. You are getting better and better! I love the hedgehog and the first sketch! Happy Sunday to you! :)

  2. You more than made up for the last couple of weeks.
    Love your sketches!

  3. I do like your sketches/paintings very much. You've got super results from the inktense pencils with a good watercolour and ink effect. I like your rooster and hedgehog too, nice work.

  4. Oh my gosh ..I am so in love with these! ...Apart from the fact that we both seem to have rain in our minds I think you are really really so talented at sketching and coloring ..those boots ,rooster and hedgehog looks so awesome !!love love love it !!!

  5. Great sketches and I am totally in love with that rooster ! ♥♥♥♥

  6. Wow, I can't believe you drew these Pallavi! Absolutely amazing! Is there no end to your talent! Just wonderful, hugs :)

  7. I hopped over from Just Add Water Silly and I absolutely love all of your sketches. These rainy day ones are so very fresh and fun!

  8. You captured the shape of the open umbrella and boots so well! Very cute cards.

  9. Love your rain boots vignette!! It would make a fabulous card! Thanks for sharing all your yummy artwork!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. So glad I came to your blog :) found this through Chandana Banerjees blog. Lovely creative work, Pallavi. I sure am going to drop by often.

  11. Good to know that you are an art journaler too. If you would like to, do link in to an art journal link-up i host on my blog.. Would love to see your entries

  12. fabulous.. love those doodles and colouring.. did u use water colours??
    You sure are artistic :) And I am glad I found your blog :)


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