Monday, July 30, 2012

Take a Word Challenge - Butterflies


I have been obsessed with arty stuff lately, especially with mixed media and art journaling.I am not good at sketching or painting, but mixed media seems to be very forgiving and whoever thought of art journaling is a genius in my book.I love playing in my little diary.I have a long way to go before I learn all the tips and techniques, but I figured that the best thing to do is to participate in some challenges and force myself to create.

Here's my first ever entry for a challenge that I am planning to participate in.This is for the 'Take a word challenge'.The theme is butterflies.I suck at the lettering stuff and I don't have the best pen to journal with,but I am okay with the rest of the stuff on this page.



  1. I'm so glad you participated at this challenge otherwhise I would never had seen your little masterpiece !!
    Feel free to join more Sumi because it's always so nice to see Art as YOU make !!
    I work only digital with photoshop but I'm always inspired by journaling.

    Nice to meet you and greetings from the Netherlands.

  2. No you don't suck ! This is an awesome, awesome journal page. Love it,

  3. Wow, Sumi, you went crazy with three butterfly themed posts! I actually love them all. I can imagine the pearly glimmer on the canvas ones.

  4. Thank you all for visiting and the nice comments.:-)


Thanks for visiting.Your comments make my day!

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