Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Thankful

Hey There,

How is everybody doing? Hope everybody is having a nice, chilled out (literally and figuratively) weekend.I sure am!
After a long long time, I am enjoying a day where I have decided to put my type A, chaotic personality to the side and just trying to go with the flow.No items on the agenda, no items to cross off my never ending list, no guilt, no pressure.

On another front, this is Thanksgiving season in some parts of the world.Though we don't celebrate it here, I quite like the essence of the festival and so for once, instead of whining, I am going to put down my sometimes sillly and sometimes profound thoughts on things I am thankful for.So here it goes in random order :

1.I am thankful for the freedom to live my life the way I want to.

2.Thankful for the culture that I grew up in, where I am conditioned to make some small compromises in the way I live or behave without a second thought, so as to not offend the sensibilities of people who do not belong to my generation or subscribe to my way of living.

3.Thankful for a husband who lets me be and who ALWAYS stands by me, no matter how silly the issue.

4.Thankful for my mom for being the way she is, non judgemental and always in my corner.

5.Thankful for my Dad who just doesn't get that I am offiicially an adult and can take care of myself and always wants to shield me from life's disappointments.

6.Thankful to my in-laws who believe in the power of good thoughts and words and thankful to them for instilling the right values in their son.Especially thankful to dad-in-law who makes it a point to tell me that we have his blessings and good wishes in every single conversation I have with him.

7.Thankful for my best friends who always have time to listen to my stories and always lend their shoulder to cry on, for the silliest of things.Thankful to be given the honour of being a part of their lives too.

8.Thankful to God for providing me with a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at myself.

9.Thankful for all the trials and tribulations that have come my way.Just makes me appreciate the good times more.

10.Thankful for having 'just enough' of everything so that I can lead a life of comfort but still not get too complacent about things.

11.Thankful to all the creative people of the world for making the world beautiful and giving me the opportunity to feast my senses on the beautiful things you create.

12.Thankful for music!

13.Thankful for all the authors who write such awesome books and help me see the world through their eyes.

14.Thankful for my pesky co-worker.You make me angry and teach me to excel in my work just to show you how it needs to be done.Without your annoying attitude and demeanour, I think I would never have learnt the art of leading.(Not a very charitable thank you item, but youand your antics have been on my mind and Monday is not looking too good for you my friend .. insert "wicked laughter" here.)

15.Thankful to God for making me honest enough to know all my faults and giving me the blessing of having people in my life who accept me the way I am.

16.Last but not the least, thankful to each and every person who comes to my blog and reads it.For those 2-3 or 10 minutes that you come in here and read what I have to say, you are validating me and my thoughts.It is awesome and indeed an honour to be connected to each one of you no matter how long or short your stay.

Phew.. that was a long list and I can actually add some more, but I will keep it for some other time.Your turn now.What are you thankful for?

This was inspired by this post.Go read.



  1. Oh.. such a lovely list.. :-) Hope you are having a good weekend!

  2. Thanks Patty.I had a wonderful weekend.Hope you did too.

  3. This is a well written list. Item 2 - Very difficult for me. I have had many instances of offending people's sensibilities, though I have never intended to hurt.
    Item 14 - LOL

  4. Hey Shiju : Trying hard for 2.Thanks for visiting!

  5. Lovely list! I thought I was already following the blog! Just corrected my mistake :)

  6. Lovely post Pallavi. I was a bit imotional after finishing this posts... but really worth reading... so true in every sense.. so pure


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