Friday, October 29, 2010

Nothing noteworthy to say

Wow.I have been missing for a month!No reason in particular, just life throwing its usual curveballs and of course, total lack of inspiration or drive to do anything.Does that happen with anybody else?Times when nothing is of interest and trudging through each day becomes a chore in itself.That is what I have been like lately, but not too worrying since I generally come out of it all inspired and raring to go.Generally.....

This time it has not happened... yet, but I am trying, trying real hard to not let the ennui of daily rotuines take over and turn me into an automaton.

The prospect of getting 10 days off for Diwali is also a major motivator.:-).10 free days to use as I like.Can you imagine how exciting it is?

By the way I have been writing for sometime on this blog, but writing as if I am actually talking to a real person is funny to me every single time I post something.I think I am qualified to be a radio jockey now.If I can do it here, pretty sure can be done in a studio too.Right?

This post is totally inane, I know, but some wise man said  and I quote " Something is better than nothing", so there you go.

Thanks a million Gagan for checking up on me.I had made up my mind to revisit my blog and check all the other blogs out today and I got your message.Awesome timing.:-).As usual, means a lot.I need to catch up on all your posts too!

See ya

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