Saturday, September 11, 2010

Project # 2 : Decoupaged Coasters

Hey there,

Here I am again.Project # 2 is also Mod-Podge so I am not really following the true spirit of '52 projects', but as long as I am making something, I am happy and satisfied.

This time I decided to do a mini makeover of sorts on some plain boring coasters I had.It was plain wood and cork and I think they sorely needed a makeover.Here's how those looked :

Sorry for the blurry pic.The camera was acting up as usual.

Sometime back, on a whim, I bought a craft kit.An origami craft kit!I had dreams and visions of turning out piece after beautiful piece of complicated Origami pieces.Let me tell you, Origami is no piece of cake.I mean first, I just couldn't make head or tail out of the folds and instructions and the second was that the kit had instructions to make origami animals .Animals! they don't fit into my vision of beautiful origami creations,complicated yes, lovely, I don't think so.Still, I tried and attempted to make a whale which my mom declared looked like a kid's paper airplane project gone bad.So you see, I am not meant to do it and 'Valley folds', I hate you!

Phew, that was quite a tangent.Okay, back to the project.The kit had beautiful origami paper which I decided to utilize to get back some return on my "investment".

This is how they look now

I like the blue one best.You like ? Here's a before and after.It's totally waterproof/resistant.Quality checks duly performed.:-)



  1. Lovely! and I'm loving how you're keeping on track here. You go girl!


  2. Funny, I thought the blue one was loveliest, too. Great project!

  3. gorgeous... gorgeous!! Can I send you mine as well... ;-)

  4. Thanks guys!
    @Patty :This is so easy ,it will take 5 minutes for you yourself to change yours.It's just cut and paste afterall.


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