Thursday, July 18, 2013

Here's one more


As promised, here's another one of those embroidery hoop projects. I hope you are not bored already with this. I tend to get stuck on things, don't I? At this very moment, I am working on two more for a baby girl's room .lol. You are sure to see those soon too.

Back to today's project.This one is not my original idea. The inspiration came from here. Her project is way prettier of course.

Don't have anything much to say about this. It's just three embroidery hoops attached to each other and embellished. Easy project, but looks pretty as a d├ęcor piece and is different from the usual layouts or frames. I covered the ugly handles of the hoops after taking the pictures. Just didn't want to take another set of photos. Laziness, you see.:-)

See you soon with a new project.

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