Tuesday, July 2, 2013

and I am back!

Did you even notice that I was missing? No, don't answer that. Let me pretend that everybody was wondering where I was and thereby keep my pride intact.

I have been busy beyond belief for the last few weeks and gave the social networks a miss, so I apologize to people I follow. I did not post any comments or visited your blogs, but I will be regular again.Promise!

Anyhoo, I just wanted to tell you about my latest obsession which is working with aluminium foil. I was really smitten with the various techniques people had shared on their blogs and youtube and I finally tried them for myself. The first one is this box I upcycled. This was the packaging for a watch or a cell phone, I don't recall which.

The pictures make it look all crumply and grungy but its better looking in real. I have created a ton of texture here by using some stuff under the foil and going over it with my stylus and also by scratching designs on the foil itself.

I am planning to submit this to Tone Lill's challenge at Yvonne's blog, so I used an old cross stitching mat for the texture. See the corners? Those are the mat pieces.

Here are the sides. I embossed the side panels with an embossing folder and also used washi tape for the border.

Submitting it for Tone Lill's Challenge. My upcycled items are the box itself and the cross stitch mats on the top.Not sure if that counts as upcycling or not.:-)

Thanks for visiting and will be seeing you real soon.Tons of projects to share!

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