Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mixed media card

Hello people,

I wanted to share a card that I made for my DT post at Crafters Corner .I made two cards.This card was not very popular, but secretly I really like this one more. It's grungy and shiny and glittery and textured.All things I like.:-)

Here it is.( Pictures do not do it justice especially when your camera betrays you and you have to use your cell phone for pics)

Ignore the stamping.I need to redo it.Looks absolutely crap.Pardon my French.;-)

I did the exact same thing for a project that I had done for a local swap here and I really liked it, so due to paucity of time and general blah feeling, I replicated the same thing for the card.

This is aluminium foil board embossed and then covered with Gesso and then coloured with alcohol inks. I saw this technique on youtube where you cover the foil with Gesso and then use alcohol inks and then use archival ink on top. Looks very cool.I skipped the Archival ink part because the result was too dark for my taste. I chose to highlight the raised portions with a white paint pen. I then used some heat embossing to add more texture.

Here is a closer look at the texture.I lovee it.

Hope somebody likes this project.Lol

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