Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Aluminium foil obsession continues

Hello people,

I told you yesterday, that I am a bit obsessed with aluminium foil ? I did two more projects with it after I was done with the box. Today's project is a shadowbox frame. I used a foil board here instead of just aluminium foil. Much easier to manage and not quite as finicky as foil.

I cut out strips of the foil board for the sides and embossed it. Just cover the strips with paint of your choice. Leave it for a few seconds and then wipe it off. Easy peasy.

Totally loving this embossing folder. What a cool design.

I also used my favourite washi tape for the border. Guess why? I never ever can cut things straight. Washi tape helps me hide all the mess that I make with my measuring and cutting. Hee hee.

Sorry about the not so clear pics. These were taken in a hurry and it was really gloomy and dark here.

Hope you like this project. See you soon with the last project with foil tomorrow. That is probably my favourite project till date.:-)

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