Friday, February 26, 2010

Random Update (AKA can't think of a catchy title)

I am back and how I missed being connected.We shifted to a new temporary house and our internet connection is still not up.I can go ahead and surf during my office time but simply don't find the time to.I so miss using my home laptop and looking at a hundred different things.Right now I am really "understimulated" :-(

But thou shall not lose heart.There will be a day when the Gods of Internet connectivity will see reason and help get us our beloved broadband connection back.Amen..

Having said all this,I am still very happy.Why? Well we are 90% done with getting possession of our brand new house .Hurray and congratulations to Mr and Mrs. I for finally owning a property.I suddenly feel all grown up.
We will soon have to get down to the most difficult part of deciding what we want our house to be like and THAT part is exciting but SCARING the hell out of me.More on that later.


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