Saturday, February 13, 2010


It's 02:00 a.m..The house is empty of everything that made it a home ,OUR home.Our voices echo through the empty spaces.Didn't know I will be so maudlin.It's not that I am leaving the city altogether.I am just moving to another building in the same complex, yet this terrible sadness has come over me.This house was the first proper home we had after our wedding and we spent five happy years here and to leave is like abandoning a loved one.. ......Am I being overly foolish??? I know I will get over it in a few days and get excited about our new house, but today all I am gonna do is to listen to sad songs,touch the walls of MY HOME and bid adieu.
P.s.- Even though the other house is EXACTLY like the one that we have been staying in all these years,I still can't bring myself to appreciate it.I have been finding non existing faults in the house since morning.HOW DUMB AND MELODRAMATIC is that!

This poem is so apt.If I had any skill I would have written exactly this as an Ode to my home

We are leaving home tomorrow.

Leaving it behind for some place better,
Leaving it so that we can have more space.
Leaving this place we made home bit by bit.
The same things that we bought, collected and proudly made a part of our home,
Now being, dismantled, given away or discarded, they are after all, old.

A new home needs new things.

Moving it ain't as easy as it seems,
What do I take and what do I leave.

Those moments of fun and those new friends made,
Wish I could carry them wherever I go,
The darker ones, the dreary days,
Make me close my eyes and not look back.

Moving always makes me emotional.
As long as I stay, my whole being is present in the house,
The day I leave, something gets left behind.
As hard as I try, a part of me wants to stay back
And refuses to say goodbye.

By Jennifer Cavilleri 

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