Monday, May 19, 2014

Sketchy Aspirations


How is everybody? Life has been busy and it's been super hot, leading to lethargy and lassitude. Well, more than usual in my case.:-)

I have been creating, but it feels like too much effort taking pictures and posting them. I however, have been meaning to post something new that I tried, for the longest time. The time has come. Cue dramatic music.:-)

You see, I have these huge artsy aspirations. Shh.. don't tell anybody.I have big dreams of being a real painter, to be able to paint pretty pictures, realistic or abstract and fun and beautiful. Only problem is that I do not have the talent or the skill to do so at this moment. What a bummer!Lol

I am not giving up though. I am taking baby steps and trying my hand at sketching and what better way to force encourage yourself to do so by participating in some fun challenges.

I have been following some great artist blogs and one of them, Dion Dior hosts a weekly sketch party .

I sketched and painted these birds a few months back when husband and I had gone to a bird sanctuary. My plan was to sketch all the birds that we saw, but I am done with just three.Be kind though. This is the very first time that I have attempted sketching and watercolours.

These are coloured with Inktense pencils. Love the vivid colours.

P.S :Doesn't the dove look funny and cartoonish. It just makes me laugh.

I hope to get better soon and post more sketchbook updates. Wish me luck!

Submitting to Dion Dior's Friday Sketches (These are not recent ,so not too sure if they qualify)



  1. NIce to see you trying something different Pallavi ! Loved your sketching n coloring..keep doing ..

  2. Not bad for a first attempt. I love that's cute.

  3. I think you have loads of talent and creativity, I'm amazed that you don't think so. Your birds are BEAUTIFUL and I love the writing around them. They are perfect for Friday Sketches and I'm so glad you shared them there. Thanks for joining in. Hugs xx

  4. You did great work with the birds! I'd like to see some more!

  5. You did great work on the birds! I would like to see more!

  6. I think your birds are just lovely. The writing makes perfect "frames" for the paintings.


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