Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy new year and random talk.

I am alive! I know I am a little late in wishing you, but the year is still new, isn't it? So I wish everybody a very happy and productive new year.Hope all your dreams come true this year.

I have been ignoring this blog for so long, that there is a high possibility that I am talking to myself right now. If you have still not given up on me in disgust and 'un-followed', please stay. Pretty please!I am going to be super duper and extra efficient this year. I promise!

Okay, so now that I have jinxed it by making a proclamation, I do need some of you to stick around. That will probably make me feel ashamed enough to be a bit regular here.:-)

Have you guys made your resolutions yet? I love making plans and resolutions. None of them get accomplished or even half way done, but who cares about those little details,eh?

This year, I plan to be more active and participate in some challenges.I hardly ever do and it's time to change! I am also thinking what my key action word for this year would be.

Once I had decided that I wanted to be an organized, efficient proactive goddess, I came to the conclusion that I need 'tools' to help me on my way and promptly wasted two days surfing the net looking for planner templates, goal charts et al.

All of it was not in vain though, since I stumbled upon a fabulous e-book/workbook by Leonie Dawson.It's called '2014 Create your amazing year'.I loved the format and promptly bought the life workbook version.Yes, being a goddess requires monetary investment.I am happy to say that I do not regret my purchase.The planner is so pretty and inspiring.You should totally check it out .You can find it here.

Now, can anybody guess if I have filled even one page of this book? You guessed right! The answer is a resounding NO.:-)

I think you  would agree that 'CONSISTENT' is a word that I should probably embrace for this year.:-).

I am going to get down to it and finish my workbook and nothing and I mean NOTHING can stop me from 'SEIZING MY DAYS' and 'MAKING THE MOST' of my time.Wish me luck and if you are still around, share some of your plans. Do you have a sacred word for this year?

Okay, that's all I have for today. I know I am rambling but I had to start again and write a darned post just to prove to myself that I can do it.;-)

See you soon




  1. Lemme know if the planner helps!!! LOL

  2. Pallavi so good to have you back.Have missed your shatter and your creations!!

  3. Oops sorry I meants chatter not shatter!!

  4. Ha ha :) ..So good to see you back to blogging again and as always such a refreshing post definitely brought a smile to my face :) ..And regarding new year resolution and the actual idea of following a planner well kudos to you on actually have searched for something of this kind, let alone try to follow it ..But my best wishes to you :)

  5. Hey ..I haven't un-followed and I was waiting for this place to be active again !! I am wishing you all the stick to your word n resolutions..Bolle toh jaldi jadi project banao..aur post karo..kya ?? bhulne ka nai !!

  6. welcome...n happy new year...following u still n waiting for ur uperb creations...good luck for all ur determinations dear.

  7. Ohohoho!! Finally!! SO happy you finally decided to give your poor blog some attention! I have SO many plans for this year...and I'm sure they are gonna remain my plans for next year too! :/ All the best to you girl! I LOVE this place, by the way! :)

  8. So good to see you are back... I have stoped by now and then to see what you have been up too, and thanks for the mail... Glad you finaly got the package at last :)


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