Saturday, May 18, 2013

Who's the fairest of them all ?


Confused about the title?That is me trying to be a smart -alec.I want to show you an altered project that I did recently (um not so recently actually,but in my world if its posted within a month of creation,that is RECENT).

I have been watching a lot of people making dressers out of matchboxes.I was always tempted to make one,but I avoided it.I was scared of the little ittsy bitty papers that needed to be cut and all the fiddly bits.Recently, I had to make something as an inspiration project for Crafter's Corner,so I thought what the heck and went ahead and did it.Much cursing and tantrums were involved in the creation.No humans or tools were harmed in the process though.:-)

Here's how it looks

That weird blob of white on the flower vase is driving me nuts.

Here's how I did it,if you are interested in making one for yourself and learning from my mistakes, read on, or emm skip it .As usual it's me rambling on and on and on.Crisp concise posts are not my forte!

The Construction  :

1.Collect empty matchboxes of the same size.Stack and arrange based on how many columns and rows you want..

2.Once you are happy with the arrangement, mesaure the front of the matchbox drawers and cut paper strips to cover them.I inked the edges too.I was dumb enough yo measure and still cut crooked pieces.It will be easier and faster it you just cut larger strips of paper and then stick it to the front of the drawer and trim off the excess.

3.Paint the bottom, sides and the inside of the drawers.Again learn from my mistake.Don't paint the sides and the bottom of the drawer because acrylic paints become a little bit sticky and then it's a pain to slide the drawers back and forth.I think its better to cover the sides with paper.

4.Poke a hole in the center of each drawer and use something to act as a drawer pull.Use can use buttons,pearls,ribbon pulls etc.I chose to go with a snowflake eyelet and a crystal brad.Just stick the brad through the eyelet and then stick in to the pireced hole that you made.

5.I then glued all the matchboxes together,painted the whole outside and the spaces between the matchboxes.

The decoration :
1.For the sides,I first cut out Spellbinders floral ovals die cuts and then cut them ino half,stuck them down on the sides and then covered the side with a different pattern paper.I also cut a larger floral oval die for the back.You don't have to do it.I did it because usage of dies was a requirement for the design team.

2.I cut chipboard both for the top and bottom of the dresser and covered it with paper.For the feet ,I just used wood beads.

3.I used a chipboard frame ,painted it in silver and for the mirror,I used aluminium foil tape.

Everything else is little embellishments that I either made or had in my stash.The frame is a 3-d sticker that I had,the comb is a charm from a necklace,the perfume bottles are just some beads and bead caps hot glued to each other.

I have to say that out of the whole thing, I am super impressed with one thing and that is the flower vase I made.It's so cute!

Decorate to your heart's content an enjoy your itty bitty project.Oh, I forgot to tell you the reason for the blog post title.I actually wanted to write "who's the fairest of them all" on the aluminium foil for a fairytale type look but after I did it, it looked horrible with my handwriting,so I chucked the idea.:-)

Hope you liked it and try it out.

Catch you later!



  1. Wow wow so prett and enchanting. Will def try one for my dollhouse project. Thanks so much for sharing and the tute too.

    1. Thank you so make one.These would look awesome in your dollhouse.:-)

  2. Another wow, wow from me too. I just love it Pallavi. Such detail.I think it was well worth the trouble and you never said all your hair was gone so all is good. Also wanted to let you know that the toadstool on my layout is very real. I will send you a couple more photos soon and let you see some more. They are just beautiful.

    1. Thank you Brenda.Like I said,I have never seen red mushrooms.They look magical.Only saw them in Children's books and thought they did not exist!

  3. Ahhhhh...what a delightful piece of art! I love that you made some of the little embellishments have such patience and delicate fingers too! Beautiful work Pallavi!

  4. hats off to you! I dont like mesy little details myself too. but your project sure is enchanting :)
    Thanks for helping me with my quilt :)

  5. This is sooo amazing....can't believe the amazing details you created! Absolutely so creative and gorgeous...and love the magigcal and whimsical feel!

  6. Wow..this is soo cute..straight out of those fairytales! Gr8 work..n also loved the way u put those tiny comb,perfume bottles,pearls on the dresser..


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