Thursday, March 14, 2013

Banners Galore!

Hey People,

I have been so busy lately with guests at home and then we got a new puppy,so crafting has almost come to a standstill.Why didn't anybody tell me that caring for a puppy is the same as caring for a baby!People with babies,do not get offended.

I am sleep deprived and all I do is mop,feed,attempt to train him and fail.:-)

Anyway there were some things that I had made before I got so busy and I am planning to share them one by one.The first thing was a bunch of name sign/banners/buntings ( don't know what to call them) for a few people as a part of a swap.Today I will share one of them.We had to make five,so be ready to see only banners ,banners and more banners in the next few posts.:-)

So here goes:

This one is for Gillian.I did not know her too well then, so I wasn't sure about her likes.I knew that she was open to anything, so I tried some colours which I never think of using.I quite like the result, if I may say so myself.Don't remember the paper collection.The diecuts are from various shops.The flowers and the fairy are from Itsy Bitsy.I coloured the chipboard fairy with black paint and then used sparkle dots, also from Itsy Bitsy on it.Love the effect!Complete supplies list below.

Hope you like it.

Banner : Handrawn and cut using chipboard from Itsy Bitsy
Wooden letter,Flowers and Chipboard fairy from Itsy Bitsy
LAce and Doily from my stash.



  1. its gorgeous Pallavi.... :) busy bee

  2. Pallavi..good to hear about your puppy. I have had many puppies at home and believe me caring for them is actually in some ways more difficult than caring for a baby!!
    Do post photos of your puppy.
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects


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