Sunday, May 2, 2010

Polkadots and Paint


I finally woke up after a long long time and indulged myself with a very very quick project.I have noticed a lot of bloggers who have been attempting to paint glassware and it completely fascinated me.I was a bit scared too, to be honest.I suck at using a spray paint.I envy people who just pick up a can and spray away to glory.Mine always turns out streaky and uneven.Anyhow,today I decided to overcome my apprehensions and got down to try it out.I had a few nice and shapely empty whiskey bottles and I conducted my experiment on those.

And.. I am happeeeee!It was easy ,quick and the results were good.Atleast I loved it and so did my mom.We may be prejudiced of course! :-)

So here's what they look like.Do not have a before picture.I was so convinced that it will be a disaster that I didn't bother taking a before picture.

It was pretty simple.I removed the labels from both the bottles.Painted one all white but used a very thin layer of paint.The other one I first painted a bronzy gold.Let it dry.Then I stuck some small circular lables which I got from a stationery store and stuck it on to the bottle randomly.Painted the bottle again with white paint,let it dry and removed the lables.

Yes I could have painted on the polka dots with a brush but I don't trust myself to paint equal sized dots ,clumsy as I am.This solutions worked for me.

Here's how it looks, up close .

Me likey ,me likey very much.:-).Hope you do too.

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  1. I love it, as we speak I am working on a little craft myself...never been into much of crafting but since blogging and all this inspiration, I thought what the heck give it a try.

  2. These are great!! I have some bottles that I'm waiting to paint too.

  3. Thanks Mathanki.Thanks for visiting too.

  4. What kind of paint did you use? Do you need a clear coat on top?


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