Saturday, August 3, 2013

Attempting Layouts


How is everybody doing today? I enjoyed a rare day of sunshine after weeks of rains. All the laundry has been sorted and the poor plants in my balcony have been given some TLC.

Now that the unnecessary chit-chat is over, we shall move on to the project that I want to share. Today, I have a layout for you. I have already shared on my facebook  page but I completely forgot to post it here.

An old friend of mine took great risk and asked me to make a layout for her.It was scary for me because I really don't do layouts and its difficult doing it for somebody else, especially when they leave you to decide everything. Much nail biting and dramatic sighs were involved in the process.

I had to reject the candid camera type pic that she sent me and bully her into letting me pick this one. Isn't her boy adorable! I tinkered with the pic and added some filters and stuff too. You can't see it too well,but the pic has some filtered black and white thing going on.

This is a canvas layout and I went with a shabby ,highly distressed and textured look. Nothing new with that actually.

Stencils, Colorwash sprays, waterproof inks, glimmer ,shimmer, this has everything. After this, it was like I had tasted blood,so I made another co-ordinating one for her. lol. Will show it in my next post.

Here are some close-ups

Hope you like it. Have a happy Sunday!

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