Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Internet is back and a layout share !


How have you been? I have been without internet access for the past few days and have been in a perpetual state of annoyance since then. I am pretty sure I was going through withdrawal symptoms. Shame on me for being so dependent. Do you face the same malady?

Anyhow, like I mentioned in my previous post, I want to share another layout with you. Please be kind, I am not a layout person and so have no perspective on whether mine is good or bad. When I visit other folks who keep churning out layouts after layouts with seemingly little effort, I am nothing but amazed and then eventually depressed. lol

Stopping the rambling and whining, here is the layout

I tried to use a sketch this time. As you can see this is super textured, distressed ,torn, dark etc and sometimes I think it looks too busy and dirty in the pics.In reality  ,it's a little bit better.

My friend claimed that she is a fan of distressed, artistic things ,so she deserves this one and now that she has claimed that she has an eye for art, she cannot say one word against this one. Evil laughter.

Here are some more pics

That's it for today. Working on a few projects or at least pretending to, so maybe will have some new posts in a few days.

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