Thursday, April 10, 2014

I learnt something new!

Hello ,

First of all happy Friday! I love the end of the week and Fridays are my favourite.:-)

Today I want to show you something which has been on my pinterest to-do items for a while but I could not find a decent enough tutorial. I am talking about Dream Catchers. I love those things. Finally, I found a tutorial on youtube and gave it a go. Here's how it looks

Of course, the actual dream catchers are not made of yarn. They are actually made of willow hoops and sinew and beads. The story behind the dreamcatchers is very interesting. They are actually supposed to get rid of bad dreams and all the components of a dream catcher have some significance. The nightmares pass through the holes and the good dreams get caught in the web and slide down to the sleeper through the feathers. How fascinating is that! If you are interested, read about it here

I don't think my dream catcher would do any of this.:-)I used an embroidery hoop and white yarn. The centre embellishment is  a snowflake from Craftslane and  I used MDF letters to spell out dream. Here are some closeups. I kept it super simple. Just wanted a red white and gold colour scheme.

Hope you like this and give it a go. It's super easy to make, I promise. Here's a link to a tutorial.

Happy weekend and see you soon!


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