Sunday, April 6, 2014



Top of the morning to all of you. Monday blues started yet? I start whining about Monday from Sunday afternoon itself, much to the annoyance of darling husband.:-)

Anyway, on to today's project. I altered a heart though I have to admit that I cheated on today's project. It is a larger version of a magnet that I had done some time back. You can check it out here. I just changed what I did on the background a little bit, but most of it remains the same as the magnet. Don't blame me, my client wanted it this way.:-)

I told you it was glittery! I hand cut some hearts with chipboard. The backgrounds on both of them are done with gelatos, some stencilling and stamping. On the bottom heart I also used a waterproof pen to outline the stencilled flowers.

Much of what I have done is not visible, since I glittered the heck out of it with Dimensional magic. I wanted it to have a laminated and tile like finish.Wish I had taken a picture before I did that though. Maybe you can see some of it here.

And that's it for today's post .Hope you liked the project. I will see you tomorrow. Have a wonderful week!

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