Tuesday, September 2, 2014

General rambling and a resolution

Hola people,

A blog post on two consecutive days. You must be shocked! Well as the title suggests, I do not have anything crafty to share today, just a confession and a brilliant idea that came to me.

I was as usual wasting time surfing on the internet and suddenly realized that I have a lot of issues/problems/ailments/maladies..

Malady #1 : I am a certified internet addict and much of my time is spent on reading other people's blogs, youtube and general surfing of random things. I just spent the last two hours looking at funny pictures and laughing all by myself.

Malady #2 : I have "Pin-itis".Yes my name is Pallavi and I am addicted to Pinterest .I am a hoarder collector of things. I obsessively spend hours pinning stuff if I find a good board. Just following someone is not enough for me.If I like one of their boards, I have to go and look at all the other boards of that person ,you know just in case I miss something fantastic.
Source : here

I have a lot of other ailments like analysis paralysis, the couch potato syndrome etc,but I won't bore you with those.:-)

Okay, now that we have identified the problems, we need to move on to the solution. That's where my brilliant and not so original idea comes into the picture.

I was thinking, that to counter all the above stated problems, all I need to do is create AND on a regular basis. No lounging around and spending countless hours " getting inspired" or waiting for my non existent muse to strike. This will keep me away from the computer and sort out both my problems. You know one stone ,two bushes ..or was it birds?

So, I have decided that for the next thirty days, I will create something every single day. It could be very simple and small or could be very elaborate. All I need to do is create one thing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I was planning to call it "30 days of creativity" and was supposed to start from the beginning of the month, but of course ,this is me. So I will start from tomorrow.:-).Story of my life!

If you have any brilliant ideas for what I should call this, please let me know. We are talking about creativity after all.

If you would like to join me in doing this. raise your hand. If you won't, still raise your hands to the heavens and pray that this new found enthusiasm of mine does not fall flat like my other resolutions.


See you soon!
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