Sunday, July 20, 2014

Image Transfer : An experiment


I have been meaning to try image transfers for a while. I did try it once, a long time back and it was not a total fail, but this time I wanted to try a technique called Splash and Image transfer as shown by Andy Skinner. I love his work and am saving up money to take his classes. Love how he plays with paint and medium and makes such awesome projects.

For this project, I tried to follow his instructions to the letter. Of course, I did not have everything that he used, so I had to make do with what I did have. The image is also very generously provided by him and can be found on his site.

Mixed media and image transfer

I did not take a step by step picture, since I wasn't sure if this attempt would be successful.:-) . I was also worried about the image transfer part since I do not own a laser printer, but it was not too bad. Sorry about the not so great pictures. It's dark and gloomy here.

Once the transfer was done ,I added some bling to her hair. I also used Versamark and Lindy's Poinsettia Red gold magicals on her shawl to give it some interest. A little bit of stamping and some shading with charcoal all around the image and my main work was done.

I could not leave it alone though, since I wanted to try out crackle on the canvas ,so I used Clear rock candy crackle all over it. Once the crackle was dry ,I glazed it with watered down brown paint.

I hope you like this project. I am thrilled that the inkjet transfer worked. Well it does not look as good and clear as Andy's, but I am not too disappointed with mine either.

If you would like to see a step by step for this kind of project, let me know or you can just take a look at the video link and try it out. It's very well explained.

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