Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fastest tag I ever made and some self admiration


First of all I want to brag a little bit.I am allowed, right, considering this is my blog.

So, my projects won/made the top three at two challenges.Yay! First one was at Tsunami Rose Designs Challenge Blog for my White and sparkly card and at Whimsical designs blog for my Altered Embroidery hoop.

Okay so now that is done with,on to other things.Did I tell you how big a procrastinator I am? Yes,that's true.I have a tendency to get bored very easily and get distracted ALL the time.Here's a story. I was given the honour to be a Guest designer for Artists's week at Down the Memory lane blog.I did do a project specifically for them, but then I submitted it for another challenge and after discussion with Nupur, did not think it was fair to showcase the same thing at million different places.All this thought process occured on the very day that I had to send in the pics of course.Not surprisingly, I already had deadlines for two other projects, so I had to whip up something in a jiffy and here is what I came up with.

I think I was done in 20 minutes excluding the die cutting and drying time.The window thingy on the tag is my newest die and an impulse purchase as usual.Have to think of various things to do with it to justify my purchase, so don't blame me if you see them over and over again.Heh heh..

Hope you like this.Let me know if there are any questions.



  1. beautiful pallavi as always and your altered bottle is also beautiful.

  2. There's no crime in self-love...congrats on your wins!
    Love your pretty tag....great textures and details. Fast projects are particularly satisfying eh? *high fives*

  3. How cute. I love this tag. You used great colors and that door is so perfect. TFS AJ-


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