Saturday, February 9, 2013

Easel drawer card


Today I want to share another card that I made recently.This was my attempt at making an easel card with a drawer.I should have followed a proper tutorial, but I was being this is all sorts of wonky.Wouldn't say that it is the worst thing that I have made,but yes,in hindsight ,considering my non existent skills at measuring and figuring things out,I should have followed a tutorial.:-)

I used the Prima 'Welcome to Paris' collection.This was made on the request of my cousin who wanted to send a card to cheer her friend up and she was stuck on this particular collection.Now,I did not have anything Paris themed with me (no stamps,no diecuts,stickers etc),so I had to improvise for the embellishments.Flowers to the rescue!I have to tell you that my family members have been making fun of me from time to time due to my obsession with flowers and butterflies.I am trying to get away from these things,but how can you.They look so pretty!

Anyhow,stopping my ramble here.Here is the card.Hope you like it.Do not laugh at me.Flowers are Important!:-)

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