Monday, September 24, 2012

Art Tiles

Hello there,

I was really inspired by one of the videos I watched on youtube.The lady there created some beautiful art tiles and I immediately wanted to make them.The process looked simple enough,but I have to admit,I messed up a lot of times.To start with,I don't own very many tiny stamps and whatever I used did not stamp very well.I must have covered the tiles at least 5 times before I could get passably okay.I added some glitter and tiny beads as the last step and I like that.In retrospect,I should probably have been more careful with the placement of glitter.Well,learning for another time!

The small tile with too many beads looks horrible in the pictures,but in real life you can totally see the image and its quite a nice effect ,seeing the image through the beads.Of course,it would have been better if I had not gone overboard with the beads..

The inspiration came from Linda from Livartnow on youtube.If you want to see it look for it here. She used wooden tiles,but I didn't have those so I used multiple layers of thin chipboard.

Hope you like it.Sorry for the glare on the pics!

Submitting this for the ITSY BITSY BIG 'B' Challenge .Not sure If this qualifies or not,but it does have beads AND bling,so hope it does.:-)

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