Friday, July 23, 2010

Repurposing Bottles

Old glass bottles and jars are a craze in the craftworld nowadays.These are being tinted, painted, decorated, turned into lanterns and what not and every single one of them looks good.So I thought maybe we can take a look at some ideas to recycle glass and be more eco friendly.What more could one want!The pleasure of crafting something AND contributing towards making our world greener.High five for that!

My mom has some talented bunch of friends who are really into crafting and stuff and one of them is totally obsessed with glass bottles.See what she did with some empty bottles.Aren't these pretty?

She has also decorated some bottles, attached oil dispensers and turned them into useful items for the kitchen, much like what Claire from blah to TADA! has done.By the way, if you are looking for wonderful ideas for recycling, you have got to visit Claire's blog.I do ..every single day and she never fails to impress me.For now check out these ideas from her blog.

I have also tried my hand at repurposing and turned some into vases.You can see the not so well documented tutorial here

Wine bottles can be turned into lamps.Don't these look amazing?These are called Chrysalis lamps.

Image picked from here.Original image by

Here are some others

I have heard that it is pretty easy to make a wine bottle lamp.Amazon has a wine bottle lamp kit which makes the task very easy to do.Try it.

You can also easily turn glass jars into snowglobes.All  you need is a clean jar, glycerine, glitter and tiny objects to put inside your snowglobe.I think this is a good kid friendly craft and look how cute this looks!


You can turn glass cans into outdoor lanterns

via Craftynest (tutorial available)


Some people are immensely talented and creative and have gone one step further and made glass jar chandeliers.Unbelievable!Where was I when God was handing out creativity!

from here

So, that's it.I am pretty inspired at trying my hand at some of the things here.Hope you try these too.

Happy repurposing!

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